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Lenda Da Moura 

A Site Specific performance presented in Chaves, Portugal.

Working with the local community, circus artists and visual artist.

Lenda Da Moura colaborated with more then 70 professionals and aproximatly 100 locals.
The production was then presented for 10,000 members of the populous. 

Thanks to Grandpa's Lab for the invitation!

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Junta Santa Maria Maior / Camara Municipal de Chaves
Creation and production: Grandpa's lab
Executive Production: Pedro de Castro
Creative Direction: Tiago Pires
Technical Direction: Rafael Pinto
Art Direction: Pedro De Castro, Tiago Pires
Dramaturgy: Hugo Oliveira, Sage Cushman
Director: Hugo Oliveira
Cast: Eric, Sage Cushman, Tania War, Edgar
Scenography: Bruno Capucho
Construction: Bruno Capucho, Xico Dos Santos
Costumes: Patrícia Pescada
Music and sound: Inês Meira

Video Mapping: Tiago Pires, Pedro De Castro

Lighting: The Others Creative Lab
Pyrotechnics: Artefícios Produções
Scene Direction: Armanda AndradeAna Fernandes and Joni Mattos
Rigging: Hugo
Catering: José Oliveira
Local Production: IndierorMatilde Lopes Neves
Communication: MEDIAsounds
Video: Expanding Roots
Photography: Hugo AdelinoAbel Branco

Video Mapping Software: Dataton
Projectors: Panasonic Broadcast & Pro AV Europe
Light Design Equipment: MIDAS
Sound Equipment: NEXT-proaudio

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