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Oliveira & Bachtler create work rooted in human nature, generating a unique and multi-faceted physical language supported by circus, theatre and movement. With great regard for ambience,
they compose to evoke visceral and scenic paintings into the space.


Founders of Oliveira & Bachtler (Hugo Oliveira and Sage Bachtler Cushman) have performed, created, directed and taught in 19 countries expanding across 6 of the 7 continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australia). Their experience creating and performing spans an array of artistic languages such as opera, cabaret, dance, circus and theatre. With curiosity and an insatiable drive to create they explore and develop work that is both visual and visceral, a unique artistic language combining circus, theatre and visual arts. 

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'Oliveira & Bachtler thrilled audiences with their artistry, compelling narrative and stunning use of integrated artforms. Through Otus, Sage and Hugo demonstrated their wide appeal to all ages and demographics and their extraordinary ability to mesmerise and capture the imagination of their audiences. They offer high quality production values and stunning aesthetics to create authentic and mature work which I believe has global appeal.' 

Carole Blade, Creative Producer for Coreo Cymru

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